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The Grower Oct 2, 2016 Taking a Microscopic Look at Soil

The Grower August 18, 2016  Let’s show off the great things farmers are doing

The Grower Feb 3, 2016 Rented Farmland and the Environment

The Grower July 12, 2016  Soil Health and Vegetables

The Grain Farmer  April 2016 Caring for Rented Land: Should soil health be part of rental agreements?

The Grain Farmer  November 2016 Identifying Microbes with DNA barcoding

The Grain Farmer  August 2016   Business Side: Farmland Rental Agreements

The Rural Voice March 2014  There’s an App for That

The Rural Voice March 2014  Guest column:  Guelph Organic Conference report

The Rural Voice  August 2015  Viewpoint: Great Lakes Protection Act

The Rural Voice  November 2015 Viewpoint: Feminism and Agriculture

The Rural Voice February 2016 Viewpoint: Reflections on Food Freedom Day

The Rural Voice May 2016  Viewpoint: Soil health in Ontario

The Rural Voice July 2016  Succession, on the Farm and in the Forest

The Rural Voice August 2016 Viewpoint: Sustaining Innovation in Ontario

The Rural Voice October 2016  Planting Green in 2016

The Rural Voice November 2016  Viewpoint: Paul Day’s Last Wish

The Rural Voice February 2017 Viewpoint: Not your typical Agvocate

The Rural Voice May 2017  Viewpoint:  Soil and leadership

The Rural Voice July 2017  Viewpoint: Rural Communities and Change

The Rural Voice November 2017  Viewpoint: Phosphorus ...again

The Rural Voice February 2018 Viewpoint: Bureaucrasaurus Rex

The Rural Voice May 2018 Viewpoint: Trees are the Answer

The Rural Voice August 2018 Viewpoint: JJ Morrison and Farm Politics 100 years ago

The Rural Voice September 2018: Supporting young farmers 

The Rural Voice October 2018: Houses in silos

The Rural Voice November 2018: Taking Chances with Crop Insurance

The Rural Voice February 2019 Viewpoint: Making February Resolutions

The Rural Voice May 2019 Viewpoint: The stories behind our stories

The Rural Voice July 2019: Shawarma, Poutine and Being Canadian

The Rural Voice August 2019: Thai Restaurant in Drayton

The Rural Voice August 2019 Viewpoints: Giving space to other cultures

The Rural Voice September 2019: Mennomex

The Rural Voice November 2019: A Harvest Meditation

The Rural Voice February 2021: Solutions for the Bale Wrap Problem

The Rural Voice February 2021: Viewpoint: Creating New Options

The Rural Voice May 2021: Viewpoint:  Land Acknowledgment

The Rural Voice August 2021: Viewpoint: Reconnecting

The Rural Voice November 2021: Viewpoint: Truth & Reconciliation

The Rural Voice February 2022: Viewpoint: 10 Things that Help

The Rural Voice May 2022: Viewpoint: Working Together

The Rural Voice August 2022: Viewpoint: On Turtles and Treading Lightly

The Rural Voice November 2022: Viewpoint: Finding the Gifts Inside Conflict

The Rural Voice February 2023: Viewpoint: Advocating for our Wellness

The Rural Voice May 2023: Viewpoint: Our Responsibility in the Headwaters

Drainage Contractor  May 2015 Environmental Restoration at Scott Farm

Drainage Contractor Dec 2021  What are we Learning From Huronview?

Drainage Contractor Aug 2022 Getting Better at Getting Along

Drainage Contractor June 2023 The Law Impacts the Landscape

Better Farming August 2018 A Game Changer in Ag Drainage?

Better Farming June 2023  Understanding Ontario's Custom Farming Rates

Farmtario, April 2, 2021  To Spray or not to Spray?

Solid Waste and Recycling Magazine October 24, 2016  A Culture of Compost 

Progressive Dairy April 2023 Manure Management Varies to fit Canada's Diverse Industry

Re:Generations  The Tree Planters, written with Paul Day


Knocking on Doors: Memoirs of Gordon Hill   (book)

Wellington History Journal 2017- Ontario farmhouses

Wellington History Journal 2018 - Dutch immigration to Mapleton Township

Wellington History Journal 2018 - JJ Morrison and the United Farmers of Ontario

Wellington History Journal 2020 - Everdale School 

Wellington History Journal 2022- The Greenbush Schoolhouse and Bryan Kaufman’s Childhood Memories of Minto, 1954-1961



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