Melisa Luymes

I work with families and teams to manage change, find clarity & alignment and accomplish the impossible. Trained in professional coaching, mediation and communication, I work on the soft side of agriculture- with a focus on families, mental health & wellness and personal growth. I also do public speaking and lead workshops, facilitating strategic planning and strategic connections.

I grew up on a family farm in Wellington County, lived & traveled overseas and came back to complete a Master’s degree in Rural Sociology at University of Guelph. Since then, I’ve worked in communications, research and project management related to innovation and environmental stewardship. As I’ve seen my family work together to grow a successful farm operation, I’m driven to support farm families to improve working relationships and quality of life, creating successful families and businesses.

I've been involved in several farm organizations, and I am also a freelance writer, a regular columnist for the Rural Voice magazine and local history publications. I love travelling, camping, rowing and talking with farmers!