Mel’s Prime Beef

Here are my rants about Ontario agriculture over the years. A lot has changed since 2012 when I started making these but I’m still figuring it all out and getting comfy here in the mushy middle- between aggie and foodie, between conventional and organic, between black and white.

Join me! The more we question and the more we understand each other, the further ahead we’ll be.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own and do not represent the views of my community or any of the many agricultural organizations I am involved with.

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21: Banning Winter Spreading

20: Ag Policy

19: Neonics

18: Wind Turbines

17: You tell me to be more realistic?

16: Battery Cages

15: Farmers vs. Junk Food

14: How We Understand Nature

13: Blaming the System

12: GMO Crusaders

11: Environmental Good & Services

10: Apathy

9: The Right to Know

8: Ontario’s Farmland

7: Climate Change


6: The Free Market Hurts Farmers

5: The Food Fight

4: Back off, Government (?)

3: Sound Science

2: So God Made a Commercial

1: Defending Animal Cruelty

INTRO: What the H*ll, Mel?